The Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame’s miniature exhibitions

The Finnish Ice Hockey Hall of Fame offers two current miniature exhibitions. The late Aarne Honkavaara is honoured with a photography exhibition, while the world championship of Finland's young ice hockey Lions team in 2016 is celebrated with a display of 10 special items.
13.4.2016 — 30.7.2017

Aarne Honkavaara 1924 – 2016

The museum offers a special photography exhibition in honour of the late local hockey legend Aarne Honkavaara. In his prime, Aarne "Dynamo" Honkavaara was the leading player of both the Lions and the Finnish Hockey League, being the captain and the highest scorer for the Lions.

Later on, Mr. Honkavaara worked as a coach for both his league team and the Lions alike. In 1960 he began keeping up statistics for the sport, as well as editing and publishing the well known Jääkiekkokirja (Ice Hockey Book). Mr. Honkavaara's contribution to founding and developing the Finnish Ice Hockey Hall of Fame was crucial.

Finland's Young Ice Hockey Lions Team 2016

The Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame presents 10 special moments from Finland's young players' journey to being the world champions. The 2016 IIHF World Junior Championship was held in Helsinki in the turn of the year. At best, almost two million Finns were following the young Lions' journey.

The home tournament culminated in winning the world championship, 4th time in the history of the Lions of this age group. The tournament brought the energetic hockey players of the new and skilled generation into the public spotlight - players of which many had already proven themselves and their skills on high league levels even before the world championships.

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