HAIR – The story of Tampereen Popteatteri

In August 2019, it will be 50 years since the world-famous hippie musical HAIR was premiered in Finland. Tampere Pop Theatre, founded by young people, performed HAIR for the first time in August 1969 as part of the Tampere Theatre Festival. Fifty years after its Finnish premiere, the musical is still topical. In this exhibition we will return to the world of HAIR and the Pop Theatre, to the Age of Aquarius.
8.8.2019 — 5.1.2020

The hippie generation of the sixties wanted to save the world with the help of love, tolerance and non-violence. When, in 1967, young theatre makers in the United States combined rock music with the message of peace, HAIR – The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical was born. HAIR was a phenomenon of its own time that spread quickly to Finland as well.

The Pop Theatre's HAIR was exceptional in that it was produced by a small group of amateurs instead of professionals. Regardless, the Pop Theatre's HAIR was not overshadowed by major international productions. HAIR was performed 250 times over the course of two years.

HAIR was the most famous production of the Tampere Pop Theatre. However, the amateur theatre, active in 1966–72, became a significant phenomenon in its own right. The Pop Theatre had a number of viewers and performances to match the biggest professional theatres in the country. In this colourful exhibition, we will face an entire era full of peace, love, rebellion, hippies, nudity, new youth culture … Peace & Love!

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