Nature Photographs of the Year 2018

The Nature Photographs of the Year exhibition displays the diversity of the Finnish natural environment, its landscapes and activities, as well as experiences and insights gained by the photographers in the wild.
1.2. — 31.3.2019

This exhibition consists of all 40 photographs that received prizes in the competition. The Nature Photograph of the Year is the largest nature photography competition in the Nordic region. The Nature Photograph of the Year 2018 competition attracted 13,900 entries. The photographs were entered in seven categories, where only slight editing was allowed. There was a separate category for young photographers.

The jury chose the winner of the whole competition from among the winners of all competition categories. The competition also had a special category, ‘Works of Nature’, where the photographs could be edited more freely. The exhibition consists of the winners and the works earning second place in each competition category, along with photographs that received an honourable mention.

The nature photograph of the year 2018 is the winner of the ‘Plants and Mushrooms’ category, a picture taken by Taru Rantala, from Seinäjoki, of a harebell. The title of this photo translates roughly as ‘An Evening Bell’. Taru Rantala is the first female winner of the Nature Photograph of the Year competition. The jury was particularly impressed by the timeless warmth of summer that her photo emits, as well as its considered composition, including the spheres of light in the background.

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