The Doll Museum Jubilee Exhibition

Vapriikki celebrates the 50-year-old Haihara Doll Museum with opening a new exhibition called The Doll´s story.
10.6.2016 — 1.12.2019

The doll museum first opened its doors in the henhouse of Haihara Manor in 1966, when lady of the manor Mrs. Gunvor Ekroos (1907-1982) wanted to share her collection with the public. After decades in Haihara Manor and Hatanpää Manor, the doll collection finally ended up being displayed in Museum Centre Vapriikki.

The new exhibition highlights the finest and most peculiar dolls of the collection, some of which were already shown at the first exhibition of Haihara Doll Museum 50 years ago. Maybe you have heard of Kachina dolls, Frozen Charlie, Peruvian rag dolls, or long-legged Lola of the 1920s?

Hei, tämä sivusto ei valitettavasti tue vanhentuneita tietoturvattomia selaimia. Päivitäthän uuteen selaimeen, kiitokset!