Nunavut`s culture on cloth

”Nunavut´s Culture on Cloth” is a collection of wall hangings created by the women in Baker Lake
2.10.2014 — 6.1.2015

The tapestries use strong blocks and lines of color to depict traditional Inuit hunting scenes and enigmatic symbols of significance to Inuit culture. With no written tradition, the Inuit used tapestries such as these to convey their history and beliefs.

The application of women´s traditional sewing skills to the production of textile art first started in the settlement of Baker Lake, Nunavut, in the 1960s. After making wool duffle mittens, socks, and clothing, seamtresses used the leftover multicolored pieces of fabric to make art to hang on walls. In embracing a foreign artistic medium, the women of Baker Lake made their wall hangings a vechile for expressing centuries-old Inuit traditions, and gave birtht o a uniquely Canadian art form.

This exhibition is organized in cooperation and with support of the Embassy of Canada in Finland.

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