Postal Museum: Greetings from Vyborg

The postcard-themed mini-exhibition Greetings from Vyborg produced by the Postal Museum is displayed in the conference corridor of Vapriikki. The exhibition has been created in co-operation with the Historical-Cultural Centre of Vyborg within the framework of the Finnish-Russian Cultural Forum in 2015–2016. From November, the Postal Museum will offer the exhibition for circulation at libraries and care homes in the Tampere Region and Päijät-Häme free of charge.
30.9. — 6.11.2016

The collections of the Postal Museum include approximately 3,000 postcards about Vyborg. The Greetings from Vyborg exhibition presents postcard sceneries from early 20th century Vyborg. The pictures on the postcards show preserved as well as lost buildings and landscapes of the city. The Postal Museum’s Vyborg-themed postcards are primarily photo postcards. A photo postcard is a simple and concise preserver of a historical moment, space and cityscape.

The Postal Museum and the Historical-Cultural Centre of Vyborg studied and digitalised the card collections of the Postal Museum and produced their own exhibitions in co-operation. The Postal Museum received a grant for the project from the funding share allocated to the Finnish-Russian Cultural Forum projects by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The XVII Finnish-Russian Cultural Forum will be held in Tampere on 30 September–1 October.

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