Tampere Past and Present

This visually impressive exhibition at Vapriikki explores Tampere’s changing urban landscape through historical photographs. The photographs and videos on display are from the collections of the Vapriikki photo archive.
9.12.2022 — 5.3.2023

The passage of time is explored through comparisons of the past and present in 15 Tampere locations. The exhibition also extends its perspective to the future. Tampere has experienced many changes, but the city also has more permanent features. The sites chosen for the exhibition reflect the diversity of Tampere’s built urban environment and history.

In focus are some key locations in the city centre: Hämeenkatu, Central Square, Tammerkoski Rapids and Hämeenpuisto, as well as the old industrial area of Tampella, Pispala – the part of town that poet Lauri Viita called God’s play with blocks, Kissanmaa with its wooden “veteran’s houses” and ice stadium, Kaukajärvi –Tampere’s first suburb, the Hatanpää manor area, Lielahti – a district undergoing a major transformation, Tesoma, the new district of Central Deck and many more.

The exhibition provides information for understanding the present and envisaging the future. It also reminds visitors of the importance of protecting both individual buildings and the wider urban environment: once lost, they can never be regained.

Tampere Past and Present offers a nostalgic and aesthetic experience, as well as an opportunity to be charmed by the many beautiful aspects of Tampere, past and present.

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