A journey into the different eras of gaming Thematic rooms

Living room (1980)

Father Christmas brought us a brand-new Pong! The hum of the CRT television sets the background for a joyous tennis championship match in the living room.

The Blue room (1985)

Commodore 64 is the home computer of the nation – it brings joy to whoever lives here, including their friends who together form an active game copying and trading ring.

The Yellow room (1990)

The Nintendo Entertainment System or NES is a major hit, thanks in large part to the habit-forming Super Mario Bros. Playtime is usually limited in the evenings, when mum comes home. Fortunately, you can spend this time browsing Nintendo magazines and looking for hints.

The Garage (1995)

Assembly is coming again! The corner of the garage is a good place to do some demo coding, and why not play a few games as well. Amiga is the best, forget the rest.

Pelikauppa Peijoonit (2001)

All sorts of curiosities are for sale! Dreamcast, the best console of its generation, may not have fulfilled its potential, but this is of no concern to a dedicated games retailer. Many of the games on these shelves will surely be classics later on…

Basement playroom (2009)

The basement has become a room for hanging around and playing games. Characters from the hit game World of Warcraft are brought to life by cosplay. Meanwhile, the family’s older generation has rediscovered their 1990s favourites after taking an interest in retro-gaming.

The Arcade

Coin-operated games are a direct continuation of the pinball and gambling machines found in service stations and bars. Powerful hardware and exciting cabinets created a game experience that the home computers and consoles could not rival. In the museum, you can try these cabinets in the dark atmosphere of a video arcade.

Hei, tämä sivusto ei valitettavasti tue vanhentuneita tietoturvattomia selaimia. Päivitäthän uuteen selaimeen, kiitokset!