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Local history museums

Pirkanmaa Regional Museum provides local history museums with consulting and development services. It acts as a consultant to local culture societies, publishing information about work done in the field of local culture and also developing cooperation in the field.

The museum’s local culture expert provides guidance for the roughly one hundred local history museums in the Tampere Region, and develops the museum’s services in the region in cooperation with other bodies. A pilot project. Seutumuseo, for regional cooperation between local museums was launched for 2017–2019. Read more about it here (in Finnish).

Local culture expert making an advisory call.

Most of the work with local history museums consists of consultation with museums that receive discretionary state subsidies. Pirkanmaa Regional Museum makes free advisory visits to museums run by municipalities and societies, and private collections have access to the museum’s telephone consultation service.

Pirkanmaa Regional Museum also seeks to serve as a databank for local museums, offering guidance for the storage and cataloguing of collection items as well as the planning and funding of exhibitions. It can also carry out commissioned projects for the further development or documentation of a local museum’s collection.

Advice on the renovation of the buildings of local history museums is provided in the first instance by the Pirkanmaa Regional Museum’s heritage engineer and building researchers. Advice for the maintenance and care of objects is also available from conservators at Museum Centre Vapriikki. Advice on cataloguing photographs is provided by the museum’s photo archive.

As small local museums tend to struggle with common problems, it is vital to develop cooperation between them. Pirkanmaa Regional Museum organises training for local museum personnel in the form of regional museum days, for example. It also publishes Museokello (Museum Bell, in Finnish), a gazette on cultural environments and museum issues in the Tampere Region.

Pirkanmaa Regional Museum’s Siiri database is tailored for the collection management needs of local history museums. The Museokompassi.fi portal, also maintained by Pirkanmaa Regional Museum, provides basic information on museums in the Tampere Region. We are happy to receive information of any museums not yet listed in the portal. Contact the local history museum expert.

Museum Compass

Grants for local history museums

Where can one apply for a grant for a local history museum?

The Finnish Heritage Agency awards discretionary grants for local history museum projects. The application period is in the autumn, and the average sum is a few thousand euros. Projects must be able to provide at least 20 percent of the funding themselves. Grant applications are submitted via an online portal. More information is available from the Finnish Heritage Agency (in Finnish only) and the Senior Museum Researcher at Pirkanmaa Regional Museum.

The regional museum society Hämeen museoseura (in Finnish only) awards minor grants, with application period in May. The society does not award grants for municipal museums.

Guided tour of the local history museum in Sääksmäki.

Which organisations and what types of projects are eligible for Finnish Heritage Agency grants for local history museum projects?

Grants can be applied by municipalities, associations and foundations which operate museums that do not receive Government funding. The museum in question must have regular opening hours at least in the summer.

Museum operations must be included in the responsible association’s or foundation’s by-laws. The by-laws must also include provisions that safeguard the preservation of the museum collection in case the organisation is dissolved or otherwise wound up.

Grants are awarded for the development of the museum’s activities and for measures aimed at preserving its collection. For instance, grants can be awarded for the preparation of overall plans for the museum, for cataloguing, renewal of the permanent exhibition, installment of fire and security alarm systems, and minor building repairs. Grants can also be awarded for the development of better and more systematic local history museum operations.

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