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Adopt a Monument

The Adopt a Monument programme consists of volunteer work undertaken for the maintenance and preservation of archaeological sites, historical structures, and old buildings. The focus is on collective endeavour. Adopting a monument is a project in which people gather information, draw up management plans, clear a site of undergrowth and debris, paint or tar structures, fix windows, working alongside others in all sorts of environments and places.

Most volunteers work with only one cultural heritage site, others prefer more short-term activities, such as participation in a cultural heritage camp.


The adoption sites include an Iron Age fortress mound, a cairn, a drywall, a cellar, a granary and a bandstand. Sites in the programme preferably have high visibility and symbolic impact so as to convey a sense of the adopter’s cultural dedication. Adopters also include school classes, for whom the sites offer material for education.

For more information, visit the Adopt a Monument website, or follow us on Facebook.

Borrow a Photo Box!

Pirkanmaa Regional Museum, in cooperation with the Vapriikki Photo Archives, has compiled two Photo Boxes. The other one called I REMEMBER – Memoirs of Childhood focuses on childhood and playing. The second, focuses on buildings and places. It is called DO YOU REMEMBER THESE? – Past and Present Tampere. The photographs are mainly from the Tampere, dating from the late 19th century to the present day and tell vividly about the life in the city.

The Photo Box can be used in many ways: Photos can be viewed on the bed, at the table or even on the floor, you can view them by yourself as well as in a group. The Photos can be used to rise conversations and to reminisce. The most playful and competitive ones can play a game found in each folder in the buildings related Photo Box.

The Photo Boxes are specially designed for lending to service centers, retirement homes, day care centers, and schools, but are suitable for anyone. The loan is free of charge and the loan period is agreed with each loaner.

Anu Salmela, a local culture researcher at Pirkanmaa Regional Museum, is responsible for inquiries and reservations, tel. +358 500 830 130, anu.salmela@tampere.fi.

A Photo Box is a cardboard box with folders that contain A4 sized laminated photos. On the reverse side of each image you will find information on the time and place of shooting and the name of the photographer. Photo: Pirkanmaa Provincial Museum.

Training for metal detector enthusiasts

Pirkanmaa Regional Museum organised a training day on the theme of archaeological cultural heritage and metal detector hobby in the auditorium of Museum Centre Vapriikki on Saturday, 8 December 2018.

The day offered information tailored for metal detector enthusiasts concerning the principles and practices of archaeology. The day’s programme also included a final examination that tested participants’ knowledge of archaeology. Those who passed the test received a card certifying that the holder had taken a course organised by the museum authority and had passed its final examination.

Training materials (pdfs) available only in Finnish.


Ohjelma (pdf)
Oheislukemista (pdf)

Koulutuspäivän 2017 esitykset:
Tuija-Liisa Soininen (pdf)
Ulla Lähdesmäki (pdf)
Olli Soininen (pdf)
Ulla Moilanen (pdf)

Tietopalveluita internetissä (pdf)

Local Museum Cooperation pilot project

Pirkanmaa Regional Museum has had a pilot project in place since 2017. Named Seutumuseo in Finnish, the two-year project aims to promote collaboration between local museums. The project ends in 2019. Funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the project evaluates the viability of a collaborative model for the management of cultural heritage and local history museums. The participating municipalities in the project are Hämeenkyrö, Kangasala, Lempäälä, Nokia, Pirkkala, Pälkäne and Ylöjärvi, all of which contribute to the funding of the project.

While aiming to develop the operations of the local history museums, the project also seeks to promote collaboration between them and the opportunities of local residents to participate in cultural heritage preservation in their own localities. A team of representatives from the participating municipalities was set up to determine the content of the project, which develops cooperation with schools, organises reminiscence events and promotes exhibition and education activities of the museums.


The job of the project researcher is to plan, coordinate and implement project activities under the supervision of the Head of Unit and Senior Museum Researcher at Pirkanmaa Regional Museum. Read the interim report of the project from May 2019 here (pdf) (in Finnish).

Tursiannotko – Iron Age and medieval settlement

Situated in the village of Pirkkalankylä on the shore of Pyhäjärvi lake, Tursiannotko is one of the most important late Iron Age settlements in Finland. Archaeological excavations carried out in the area by Pirkanmaa Regional Museum since 2010 have shown that the site is unique, and especially important for the study of the Viking to Crusader period (ca. 800–1200) and the early Middle Ages. One reason for the unique character of the site is that bones have been particularly well preserved there compared to ordinary Iron Age settlements, which opens up new, important vistas on life as it was lived a thousand years ago. Some rare remains of Iron Age and early medieval wooden buildings have also been found at Tursiannotko. Pirkkalankylä village is a prime showcase for studying how habitation has continued in the same place from prehistoric to medieval times and had led to the formation of an important settlement in Pirkkala parish. Read more about the research and unique finds at the Tursiannotko website (in Finnish).

Decorated bone spoon found in excavations of the Iron Age settlement of Tursiannotko in Pirkkalankylä.
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