Pelit-magazine 25 years

The Finnish Museum of Games opens an exhibition about the history of Pelit-magazine, spanning all of its 25 years.
24.10.2017 — 14.1.2018

Pelit is one of the oldest still published gaming magazines in the world, and a part of living Finnish gaming history. The magazine's first issue was published in March 1992 and since then has been influencing the debate over games and gaming as a form of culture.

The magazine was designed by lead editor Tuija Lindén and editor Niko Nirvi in the early 90s, with the British "Zzap!64" and the American "Computer Gaming World" as their spiritual exemplar. Their idea was to write thorough and long reviews of games, but at the same time also shed light on the world around games and its phenomena. To this day, this is still the magazine's goal, even if the editor in chief Tuija Lindén stepped aside from her position earlier in 2017.

Pelit-magazine has been shaping the Finnish way of thinking about games, doing it not only as a magazine, but also as a community. Through ideas and reader conventions, a large group of enthusiastic readers have influenced the magazine for decades now.

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