Tampere Museum of Natural History

A little girl in a green dress is pointing upwards. In the background, there is an exhibition and a stuffed bear.

The museum's exhibitions take the visitor into the midst of nature.

The Natural History Museum of Tampere is a source of natural knowledge in the Pirkanmaa region! The museum is located in the Vapriikki Museum Centre in the center of Tampere. There are sensory exhibitions and diverse information about nature available. Additionally, the museum organizes nature-themed events, conducts scientific research in the field of natural sciences, maintains collections, answers inquiries about nature, and identifies specimens brought in by the public. The museum serves as a regional responsibility museum in the Pirkanmaa area. You can also explore the local nature through the Tammerkoski nature trail that starts from the Vapriikki Museum Centre’s courtyard.

Contact Information

You can get in touch with the museum regarding any matters related to nature. The museum can assist you with specimen identification or provide tips for nature-related hobbies. If you are planning a visit to the Natural History Museum, you can also inquire for more information at the Vapriikki information desk.

Intendant, Tampere Museum of Natural History
Tomi Kumpulainen
On study leave. Researcher, Tampere Museum of Natural History
Riikka Elo