Access for people with a disability

A colorful Pride-flag

Safety measures are followed at Vapriikki to create a safer environment.

We are polite
At Vapriikki, everyone is treated kindly! We respect different individuals and opinions. We don’t make assumptions based on factors like gender, background, ethnicity, culture, sexuality, ability, or wealth.

No bullying here
We approach new things without prejudice, wanting to learn and grow. If you encounter harassment or any inappropriate behavior, don't be a bystander. Please report it to Vapriikki staff.

We are here for you
We believe in inspiring through knowledge. At Vapriikki, learning, insights, and experiences go hand in hand. We promote equality, inclusivity, and strive to reduce societal inequalities. We work towards accuracy of information, increase transparency in producing knowledge, and address the problem of dismissing science. You're welcome to ask questions and wonder. Each person is free to experience our exhibitions in their own way.