Access for people with a disability

A colorful Pride-flag

Safety measures are followed at Vapriikki to create a safer environment.


We are here for you.
At Vapriikki, learning, discovery, and experiences come together. We believe in inspiring through knowledge. Our actions promote social equality and inclusivity. You can ask questions and wonder. We approach new things without prejudice, eager to learn and grow. Everyone gets to experience Vapriikki in their own way.

Each of us is unique.
In Vapriikki, we treat each other kindly. We give space to different people and opinions. We don’t make assumptions about anyone’s characteristics, including:
• Age
• Ethnic origin, nationality, language, and culture
• Religion, beliefs, opinions, and political views
• Family structure, gender identity, sexual orientation
• Health status, disabilities
• Social or economic status
• Other individual factors, such as body size or neurodiversity

We stand against bullying.
We respect each other’s boundaries and physical integrity. If you encounter harassment or any inappropriate behavior, please report it to Vapriikki staff. Also, let us know if you identify discrimination or harassment within Vapriikki’s activities so that we can address the situation.