Postal Museum

You can find the Postal Museum at Vapriikki!

At the Post Museum you embark on an immersive journey through the world of postal services, spanning from the 17th century to the present day. This atmospheric museum offers plenty of captivating experiences for visitors of all ages.

The “Messengers” exhibition guides the visitor through the history of communication with stories, from the 17th century to the recent past. As you step into the exhibition, the first thing you notice is the log cabin-style abodes of postal couriers, illuminated by the moonlight. Postal services were established in Finland in 1638, and they were carried out in a chain, from house to house, by postal farmers, even through perilous sea crossings.

You can listen to touching letters from wartime or take a nostalgic journey back to the 1980s when cassette tapes were used for sending audio letters. The Post Museum also features rotating exhibitions, ensuring that each visit may offer something new and intriguing.

Explore the museum’s website here.