Wendelin’s Oma Koti magazine

The Finnish Postal Museum's small exhibition showcases Martta Wendelin’s cover art in Oma Koti magazine.
31.8. — 31.10.2021

Martta Wendelin (1893–1986) painted all the 62 cover images for Oma Koti magazine.

The Oma Koti (‘My Home’) magazine was founded in late 1931 as a competitor to the very popular Kotiliesi magazine for women, founded in 1923. In addition to topics related to housekeeping, the magazine featured articles about fashion, arts, literature and other cultural themes.

The cover images for the new magazine featured peaceful and serene rural scenes. They depicted a hard-working and happy daily life, and the themes included motherhood and childcare as well as domestic chores and farm work.

The exhibition has been compiled by Tampere-based collector Kari Elkelä from works in his own collection.

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