Game Jam stories

In the exhibition Game Jam stories we dive into the colorful world of game jams in Finland. Game jams bring together a group of individuals interested in game development to create playable games in a short period, drawing inspiration from various constraints. Anyone can participate in game jams, and teams can include both first-timers and individuals who have been making games for decades. There are many jams, and even more stories!

Finland’s first game jam took place in January 2010, when participants in Helsinki, Tampere, Kajaani, and Turku joined the Global Game Jams. In June 2013, the Finnish Game Jam association was formed to guide the game jam craze within this community. The journey has included various game jams. Games have been created on buses, Ferris wheels, tandem bicycles, in the wilderness of Lapland, cottages, libraries, schools, TV studios, planetariums, festivals, conferences, sometimes while sauna bathing, swimming, or soaking in hot tubs, and even in ordinary homes through remote connections.