The Nature Photographs of the Year 2022

All 36 photos awarded at the Nature Photograph of the Year 2022 competition will be on display. These include the three best photos from each of the nine competition categories, as well as the photos that received an honourable mention.

A Threat from the Deep by Antti Strang from Seinäjoki was selected as the Nature Photo of the Year. It is an exciting image of a mayfly and a fish preying on it from the depths of water. According to the jury, the winning photograph is a wonderful and surprising snapshot, whose merits are not fully revealed at first glance:

The competition has eight categories in traditional photography: Plants and Mushrooms, Birds, Landscapes, Mammals, Other Animals, Natural Details and Shapes, Nature and People and a category for young photographers’ (under 18s). In the traditional categories, images may only be edited with great restraint. The final result must reasonably reflect the situation or the atmosphere when the photograph was taken.

In addition, there is a special series, Free and Creative, which allows a more liberal editing of the images. The Nature Photo of the Year will be selected from the winners of the traditional categories.