Tuesday Dinner – A Food Trip to the Seventies

The exhibition is based on the food column series Tuesday Dinner, edited by photographer, provincial artist laureate Juhani Riekkola and his spouse, home economics teacher Eeva Junkkari-Riekkola, and published in Aamulehti every Tuesday between 1974–78.

The 1970s novelties culinary culture is presented in Riekkola’s fantastic dish pictures and Junkkari-Riekkola’s excellent recipes and weekly menus. Before and during the exhibition, the visitors have an opportunity to share their own food memories from the 70s. The food memories are an essential part of the whole exhibition, reflecting genuine sensations of the 1970s.

The exhibition also introduces Chocochili, the Tuesday Dinner of the 2020s, and the food photography of the food and wine magazine Glorian Ruoka ja Viini. In the kitchen of the 1970s, the visitors can create meals of their own, and share pictures of them, to spread joy.