Welcome to Manserock, a music phenomenon from Tampere!

Juice Leskinen Coitus Int. and Alwari Tuohitorvi embarked on a joint tour in the summer of 1975, which was named Manserock. This gave rise to a phenomenon that conquered the whole of Finland and grew into a mega-popularity over the next decade. Manserock left a lasting mark on the Finnish music scene and still resonates strongly in the 2020s.

A long-awaited experiential exhibition has been created with the assistance of a large team of Manserock experts. The exhibition examines the phenomenon broadly, through both big names and lesser-known background factors. In Vapriikki’s exhibition, Manserock refers to Finnish-language pop and rock music made in Tampere and its surrounding areas. The focus is on Manserock’s heyday in the 1970s and 1980s, without forgetting the phenomenon’s roots in the 1960s or its heirs and kindred spirits from the 1990s onwards.

Manserock’s most famous names are Juice Leskinen, Alwari Tuohitorvi, Kaseva, and Tabula Rasa, who started the phenomenon in the 1970s. In the 1980s, legendary bands Eppu Normaali and Popeda joined the group and continue to be popular today. The most famous female band is Ilona.

The exhibition features a wide range of rock memorabilia, including instruments, stage costumes, fan merchandise, familiar and unfamiliar photographs from concerts and tour buses, and video recordings. The exhibition also reveals the extensive and winding Manserock family tree. And of course, rock music is played at the exhibition.

In the Vapriikki museum shop, you can buy souvenirs such as Soundi’s anniversary issue and a vinyl single of the updated version of the song “20 vuotta sikana”. The museum restaurant Valssi is prepared to refresh museum visitors with theme-appropriate drinks.