Friends for Christmas. Volunteers involved in The Postal Museum´s collection work

The Friends of Christmas exhibition presents the museum’s work with volunteers on the collections. During the autumn of 2023, the participants in the postcard workshops selected around 100 Christmas and New Year cards from different periods from the material they worked with.

Volunteering is an important part of the museum’s work. It complements the work of the collection, not replaces it. Volunteers have made it possible to take on items from the collection that were previously waiting to be catalogued. The postcard collection is a good example of this: the numbering of the cards in the workshops makes it easy to link the card with its digitised copy and to find the card in its correct place after use. The collection can be organised and is easier to study.

The collection has been bunched together to find interesting items, such as cards addressed to Wivi Lönn and Santeri Alkio. The cataloguing and publication of the cards on has begun with a selection of cards.

Volunteers are also involved in other museum activities, such as events and acting as peer reviewers for exhibitions. Most of the volunteers are members of the Friends of the Postal Museum.

The Friends of the Postal Museum Association was founded in 1997 with the aim of supporting the museum’s activities, raising awareness of the Postal Museum, promoting cooperation between enthusiasts in the field and deepening knowledge of postal history.