Moomin games over the decades

The Moomin game exhibition will introduce visitors to Moomin-themed games made over the decades, ranging from the Moomin board game originally published in the 1950s to modern mobile games.

The Moomin books have given joy to readers of all ages and from one generation to another. The timeless nature, playfulness and entertaining, philosophical wisdom of the world created by the artist Tove Jansson (1914–2001) have turned the Moomins into a worldwide phenomenon that has also found its way into games. Visitors may remember some of the Moomin games in the exhibition from their own childhood, as Moomins have been a visible part of Finnish children’s culture for decades already. Some lesser-known games and counterculture that was born alongside the official licensed products are also on display.

The exhibition looks at the various incarnations of Moominvalley in the games. Moomin House and Moominvalley take on many different forms in the games, reflecting the characteristic features of various Moomin adaptations, such as the anime inspired look of the Japanese TV show or the three-dimensional imagery in the Moominvalley series. The games contain adventures in different corners of Moominvalley as well as various tasks, starting from everyday chores in Moomin House. Many of the games are based on the original books, cartoons or animations, but several of them also contain stories and plot twists created by the game makers themselves.

The Moomin boom launched a phenomenon that keeps going. Collecting all Moomin games would likely prove impossible even to the most die-hard Moomin fan. New Moomin games keep coming out in both physical and digital formats. In addition to licensed board games and mobile games, the Moomins have appeared over the years in various forms of non-licensed counterculture, such as games.