Packaged dreams

The Postal Museum’s Packaged dreams exhibition takes you to a world of parcels where nostalgic memories of mail orders are evoked, current e-commerce-related phenomena can be seen, and it even offers a glimpse into the future.

The exhibition describes the development of distance selling in Finland, changes in consumer culture, advances in transportation and distribution channels and the big and small players in the distance selling business from the perspective of consumers, sellers and logistics operations. The exhibition also invites visitors to think about their consumption habits, contemporary phenomena and themes of sustainability.

The interactive exhibition allows you to re-experience your memories associated with mail orders, have your picture on the cover of a mail order catalogue, explore the most popular products from different decades and try out how they would have been ordered as well as marvel at unboxing videos. The exhibition also features Posti’s parcel locker; by opening its doors, you can explore other people’s memories associated with Posti and distance buying. You can even make a delivery round with a virtual headset and an electric delivery scooter.