The power of the Stone

Tampere Mineral Museum Celebrates Its Tenth Anniversary at Vapriikki! In honor of this milestone, Vapriikki’s first-floor exhibition space will host the themed exhibition “The Power of the Stone” in April, catering to all stone enthusiasts. The exhibition splendidly showcases the fascinating world of rocks and minerals, featuring hundreds of geological treasures from all around our planet—and even a bit from outer space.

The Mineral Museum’s collection is Finland’s largest, most impressive, and most colorful privately curated collection. In this new exhibition, you’ll find all the gems from Vapriikki’s rock collections, including the most extraordinary stones. These range from Finland’s largest petrified wood fossils and amethyst geodes to authentic diamonds and other precious gems—sapphires, emeralds, obsidian, tiger’s eye, and soft okenite, as well as toxic crocoite. Many of these specimens have never been displayed at Vapriikki before.

In addition to exploring how rocks form and their age, the exhibition features not only lifeless rocks but also organic fossils dating back hundreds of millions of years. Among them are fossils of plants, marine and terrestrial animals—including dinosaurs. Notably, there’s a four-meter-long Allosaurus fossil replica and a two-meter-long Mosasaurus fossil replica.

Other highlights of the exhibition include a delightful 400-carat Tunisian sand rose and a massive 100-kilogram meteorite from Argentina. Visitors to the “The Power of the Stone” exhibition can also step inside a Brazilian amethyst cave and touch various rocks, from pyrite to lava rock and fossils. And if you’ve ever wondered how to pursue rock-related hobbies, you’ll find answers here.

The exhibition is designed for the whole family, especially those who appreciate treasures. What’s your favorite rock?