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Mineral Museum

12.12.2014 —

You can find the colourful stones and minerals of the Mineral Museum from Vapriikki’s ground floor.

Tampere Mineral Museum has on display the fascinating world of rocks and minerals.

The 7000 objects of the exhibition have been collected from 70 countries. Beauty and colourfulness were given preference in the selection of the rocks with the intention of generating interest for the mineral kingdom.

The museum displays gemstones in cut and rough from, as well as syntethic stones. Specimens of useful minerals, ores, metals, building- and decorative stones are also on show.

There are meteorites, the envoys from outer space, as well as dinosaur eggs which are certainly the most exciting objects in the collection of plant and animal fossils. You can also admire seashells, corals and skilful stone carvings.

The Mineral Museum collection has been collected and donated to the city of Tampere by Paavo Korhonen.

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