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Media Museum Rupriikki

The Rupriikki Media Museum, previously located in the Finlayson area, has found a new home in the Vapriikki Museum Centre
16.10.2015 —

Besides highlighting the significance of information networks in today’s world, the Rupriikki Media Museum’s new exhibition also sheds light on the changes that Tampere-based communications companies have experienced. The exhibition also gives insight into the surprisefilled history of games.

The Internet was not born out of nothing – it has an exciting history that goes back centuries. The new exhibition of the Rupriikki Media Museum gives you a fun multisensory experience that covers changes in information networks, the history of the Internet and the early stages of digital communication. You can also see what people living a hundred years ago would have thought about you, send messages in Morse code or on an optical telegraph and try out the Tinder of the 1980s. The communications companies in Tampere have frequently been at the forefront of progress. This is where both the first public radio station and the second television channel of Finland as well as an internationally successful mobile game company were founded. Tampere is also home to a newspaper that has continually adopted new technology. Tampere has had and continues to have the knowhow required for making content, whether for the print media or the gaming industry.

Games and gaming have spread out to increasingly many sectors of society. Games and the threats they might pose are discussed in the contexts of education, the corporate world and our free time. In the era of digital games, however, it is easy to forget that people have always played games: it has had an important social function, and Finland has produced successful game exports as early as the 1930s. Alongside its exhibition activities, Rupriikki also holds various workshops and events in the Vapriikki Museum Centre, starting from October 2015.

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