The Revontuli Brand

Shining Elegance of the North
12.6.2014 — 16.8.2015

Suomen Trikoo

In the 1960s, the textile manufacturer Suomen Trikoo wanted to explore the world of design. For this purpose, the company needed an elegant export collection.

The Revontuli brand

The Revontuli brand was built by Lenita Airisto, textile artist Nana Suni, and fashion designer Anna-Liisa Nieminen. The design collection was launched in Finland, other Nordic countries, and the United States in 1966.

The fresh designs, bright colours, and elegant cuts showcase high quality and the timeless nature of good design. Gorgeous fashion shots form an impressive element of the exhibition.

They reflect the changing idea of womanhood in these designers’ time: a Revontuli woman was modern and bold, playful yet elegant.

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