The Tammerkoski Rapids and the Story of Tampere

The exhibition is closed 3.11.2019. The Tammerkoski Rapids exhibition tells the story of how a small village grew into an industrial city

The exhibition presents lives of Tampere residents from different eras via short glimpses and cartoons. A much-loved miniature model of Tampere in 1890 gives the visitors an idea of the town’s development over time.

Interesting historic items related to Tampere are also on display, including a mayor’s uniform from the 1860s, the decorative glass windows of the Palander building, the town’s first set of traffic lights, and Juice Leskinen's Finland guitar.

Hei, tämä sivusto ei valitettavasti tue vanhentuneita tietoturvattomia selaimia. Päivitäthän uuteen selaimeen, kiitokset!