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Wivi Lönn mini exhibition

Wivi Lönn’s charming buildings are central to Tampere’s cityscape. Vapriikki celebrates Tampere’s own Wivi with a mini exhibition that you can find it in the corridor on the ground floor.
12.5.2022 — 2.4.2023

Wivi Lönn was a Tampere-born architect whose buildings have been preserved especially in Tampere, Jyväskylä and Helsinki, her main cities of residence. She is best known as a practical architect of schools, but she also designed many other types of buildings. One of her best-known creations is probably the Tampere Central Fire Station.

Many of the buildings of this architect, who is much admired in Tampere, resulted from design competitions that architects and master builders participated in under pseudonyms. Wivi Lönn won several of these competitions, both alone and in collaboration with Armas Lindgren, with whom she had studied. Wivi Lönn’s active career lasted from 1898 to 1930. By the late 1920s, she was already designing fewer buildings, and after 1930 she only designed two more: an observatory in Nurmijärvi in 1940–41 and another in Sodankylä in 1944–45.

In 1956, she became the first woman to be awarded the honorary title of the "Professor" by SAFA, the Finnish Association of Architects. Wivi Lönn died on 27 December 1966 in Helsinki.

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